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Transforming logos into
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to protect your brand.

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Cloud Application

Cloud application securely housing your member data.

Instant Updates

No more waiting on customers to replace your old logo with your new one. Get instant, secure updates via IntelliVMS.

Secure Access

Access your secure custom portal managing your brand. Track your page impressions and click throughs.

Trust Seal

Secure your logos by converting your logo into a digital trust seal secured by IntelliVMS. Secure and in the Cloud.

Custom Portal

Access your secure custom portal, manage your members and convert your logos into secure trust seals.

IntelliVMS Features

The Intelligent Verification Management System or IntelliVMS is a Secure Cloud application allowing the transformation of a static logo into a dynamic Trust Seal.

Visitors to your website “borrow” your logo and use it on their websites which seems harmless enough. But what happens when the hacker steals your logo and impersonates your business. This not only damages your brand, but revenue is lost as well as potential new customers.

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